2 2 0  T O U C  S W I T C H
As recently as a decade ago, there were specialised chips available on the market that were able to regulate the power of incandescent light bulbs according to users repeatedly touching the rim of the tabletop lamp. Sadly and probably due to worldwide proclaiming of incandescent bulbs outlaws, those chips were put out of production.
Since there are light sources other than incandescent lightbulbs such as CFLs and LED lights that are by default not dimmable but still might be fun to be turned on and off by the touch of a finger, we decided to design the eqivalent switch ourselves. It utilises several methods of detecting the finger touch which is the reason that it operates very reliably. In current implementation, it is able to control 230V AC loads up to 200W but more powerfull versions might see the first light very soon.
designed by LP 2011