F R E E W A R  E L E C T R O N I C S
Good news, everyone! These are the projects that you can use and copy absolutely free of charge. Some of them are products of our own imagination from the start on, while others are further developments of interesting ideas and concepts we found around surfing the net. All of them are tested in practice and many of them are actually in regular use in our homes and lab.
It is truth that most of the projects have been designed to suit our own needs, but nontheless we tried to put tips on these pages on how they can be transformed more or less so that your personal wishes can be fulfilled. If all that you need is to make a cool gadget, than you are free to copy the diagram, make the device and use it as is. But if you feel crafty, first try to fully understand the basic concept around which a project evolved and then give your imagination the freedom to show its best. Even if you are not highly experienced in the field, it is likely that in such brainstorming some pretty amazing stuff will emerge!
It is in common interest that we know where the tricky stuff hides in our web site and to try to straighten the things up. Therefore, we wouldn't be bothered to hear from you should you find yourself grasping for air in murky waters while following the reasoning on pages we published. Be sure that there are other readers even more stunned than yourself but less brave to ask for an explanation. It is truth that the authors of these pages were rookies some years ago too and that they did spam engineers from other e-sites' by funny questions from time to time - none of them has ever shown the least bit of harshness. You can find links to some of those great sites dispersed over the pages presented here.
We would love to receive feedback from those readers who successfully built the gadgets or possibly have interesting ideas on how the designs might be further improved. Again, feel free to post even if you are not an expert - in all areas of human activities breakthroughs often come from unconventionally thinking newcommers who are able to look at things from a different perspective.
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