A S T R O - S Y S T E  2
AS2 Communicator
AS2 Communicator is able to connect to other ASCOM compatible applications and synchronize the dome to the telescope and other scientific equipment. It uses its internal 3D software models of both dome and telescope mount for predicting the target azimuth of the dome with respect to the actual telescope pointing. If accurate geometrical data is provided by operators, dome motion can be controlled to a high degree of precision.
AS2 Communicator also exposes a set of bublic variables which can be accesses by any other ASCOM compatible application, which enables easy upgrading of existing AS2 Communicator abbilities. For example, custom software routines for advanced air conditioning control are easy to implement by observatory operators.
Note on dome motion control method
When considering the type of dome motion control, a question whether continual or intermittent dome motion better suites telescope needs sometimes arises. The answer is practically unanimously - intermittent, and there are several good reasons for this:
Taking everything into account it becomes clear why astronomical observatory operators prefer to control telescope motion continuously and very precisely, which is obviously necessary for achieving long exposures, while at the same time they try to move domes as rarely as possible.
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