B A T T E R  P A C K C H A R G E R
The beauty of electronic design
Birth photo of the finished charger To the right is the birth photo of the finished project. Despite it might look as it was conceived and soon brought forth in a struck of inspiration, the actual storry is a bit different.
Countless attempts to google out any interesting ideas were performed first. As it goes, almost nothing useful was found, but never the less every bit of data was diligently stored into the HD junkfolder for the impossible future use. In the background, the delighted PC had a quick taught of submitting yet another fifty thousand hailmarries to allmightyscience.com honouring DSL and LBA technologies but grim memory of pervert Rooth Keath who welcomed it there with cuffs and a whip last time prevented it from doing so...
Since other peoples' sweat seemed not to be solving the problem, a long chain of enormously complex calculations based on a few original taughts and having in mind only perfect world components was carried out by human on recycled paper. Nothing was simmulated in crappy CAD software, just to be on the safe side.
Battery pack charger with the pack Right parts were then selected for each task according to their specifications. Some were naturally found missing from the junkbox and replaced with those at hand. Detailed calculations considering the available components were repeated. Initial testing was performed. As several crucial components showed a few major discrepancies with data given in the respective datasheets, calculations were refined with freshly gathered real world parts data. Ever elusive tweaking was completed overnight. Several freakish ideas were tried in vain and secretly excluded from the final design. Those parts converted to goo and smoke in the process were replaced with trusty relics.
PCBs are for mamma boys so no attempt to design and create one has even been taken seriously to consideration. What is left of electronics will be stuffed into a sturdy plastic housing salvaged from an ancient mobile phone charger, topped over with neutral silicone putty to absorb G-forces and cover the trails, and proudly presented to the audience with bells and whistles.
designed by LP 2011